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wankerbater's Journal

The Suck You Genji Wankerbater Force!
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All Members , Moderated

Hello little brothas and sistas. Although our name is excitingly stupid, we're actually a smart bunch of monkeys (with the exception of the freakish Albino) that needed a community for our own sick pleasures.

If you want to join, go ahead. It's your risk.

Have a nice day.

-The Shibby Mod.

a perfect circle, acceptance, acrylic paint, acting, agnieszka holland, alain berliner, albert hammond jr., alice in wonderland, allister, andre scherer, andy warhol, ansel adams, april, art, arthur rimbaud, ashley stove, axel bauer, baz luhrman, bhagavad-gita, black box recorder, blondie, bosch, boy meets boy, bravo, brighton, british, brushes, built to spill, camcorders, carnaby st., christopher rice, clutch, d&g, dali, death cab for cutie, directing, dostoevsky, drive-thru records, electives, equality, eschatology, eskobar, evgeny plushenko, ewan mcgregor, existentialism, fabrizio moretti, felidae, fencing, fender strats, film making, finch, foreign films, french films, gaz, glam rock, gloria, goth talk, guided by voices, humour, ims, introspection, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, jonathan rhys-meyers, journalism, julian casablancas, kevin smith, krishna consciousness, legolas, lenore, leonardo di caprio, macgear, mahler, market st., matisse, matisse derivan, milpitas, modest mouse, monet, movies, music, my vitriol, mythology, nena, nick valensi, nietzsche, nikolai fraiture, nine inch nails, now what?, philosophy, photographs, photography, playwrights, poetry, powell st., pretty boys, psychology, randy strohmeyer, reading, red hot chili peppers, renoir, rogue, roman dirge, san francisco, sartre, scripts, self-realization, sigur ros, smashing pumpkins, snl, sociology, something corporate, st germain, sweaters, that dog., the album leaf, the beatles, the cure, the damned, the dollar theater, the get up kids, the hives, the movielife, the prado, the ramones, the sex pistols, the sistine chapel, the starting line, the strokes, tim burton, trevi fountain, van gogh, velvet goldmine, vivienne westwood, voltaire, warhol, watching movies, western philosophy, winamp, winamp skins, words, writing, x-men, zazie